Fastener  Block

class overarching prompt:

kids developmental toy

design brief:

boost fine motor skills for 3-5 year olds' through imaginative and creative play


In this digital age, children are overexposed with technology. Breaking this pattern and bringing them back to physical interaction is crucial

primary research:

key insights

  • Children develop most of their dexterity within the age group of 2-6 years.


  • Parents prefer their children to develop a creative mind through traditional developmental toys.


  • Many parents keep a priority for their children to learn Fine Motor skills.


How can you boost creativity and fortify the use of smaller muscles in hand, fingers and wrist?


Initial mockups to understand and learn about:

  • using different fasteners with wood
  • size and proportions for wooden blocks
  • defining and narrowing down with a final direction

Higher fidelity prototype, thinking about:

  • how and what can children immagine/play with these building blocks
  • are the argonomics appropiate for 3-5 year olds'
  • choosing suitable materials (fabric, wood) for the blocks